benign tumors types and how to diagnose and treat


benign tumors

The benign tumors  are a group of cells that grow without a specific function that is performed in the body,its harmless, don’t destroy the surrounding tissues,  don’t spread throughout the rest of the body and don’t grow aggressively, its develop in any part of the body, and humans are injured at any age,  The benign tumors are a swelling or non-cancerous mass it the body,  Some of benign tumors are visual through the protective sac that helps doctors diagnose it.

benign tumors

benign tumors

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Causes of the benign tumors 

exposure to radiation, diet, genetics, shock,  injuries, stress,  inflammation, infection


Symptoms of the benign tumors

headaches, vision problem, memory imbalance, trembling, night sweats, weight loss, loss of appetite, exhaustion, shudder, fatigue, fever

Methods of treatment of the benign tumors

CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, X ray, Ultrasound, laparoscopic examination, tumor removal

Types of the benign tumors


Adenomas is a tumor that affects the upper layer covering the tissues and glands of the human body, Adenomas grow in the colon, liver, thyroid, marrow and adrenaline.




Hemangiomas is a tumor that afflicts the children and appears red in color of the blue


Lipomas is a tumor that grows from fat cells,  its common in adult,  Its grows in the neck, arm, shoulder and back




Meningiomas is a tumor that grows in the membrane around the brain and spinal cord.


Myomas is a tumor that grows in the muscles which are being in the internal organs such as the stomach and uterus.


Rhabdomyoma is a tumor that grows in the skeletal muscles


Neuromas is a tumor that grows anywhere in the nerves in the body.




Osteochondromas is a tumor that grows near joints such as the knee joint and neck joint


Papillomes is a tumor that grows in the underlying tissues which grow in the skin and cervix. As it grows in the tissues lining the inner eyelid of the eye.

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