cancerous tumors 2019 types cancer of women and men

cervical cancer

types of cancerous tumors 2019

some types of cancer are very dangerous, we must be careful recently disease in the current age, these diseases like as types of  cancerous tumors, cancerous tumors afflict women and men, women’s cancerous tumors like as cervical caner breast cancer cancerous tumors of men like as bladder cancer testicular cancer,most dangerous cancer in world are blood caner and brain cancer, there are anther types of cancerous tumors (lung cancer _ mouth cancer _ colon cancer …)

cancerous tumors

cancerous tumors

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men cancer (testicular _bladder)

testicular cancer affects the testicle and disrupts its affects humans due to increased chromosome 21. bladder cancer is accompanied by a feeling of pain during urination, symptoms of bladder cancer exits blood with urine,the need to urinate more or less than before or other.

women cancer (cervical _ breast)

cervical cancer affects estrogen activity.symptoms of cervical exits blood out the vagina. breast cancer occurs as a result of a mutation on P53 gene.breast cancer is accompanied by secretions of the breast.

cervical cancer

cervical cancer

most dangerous cancer (brain _ blood)

brain cancer  is the most serious type of types of cancerous tumors,because it affects the brain and spinal cord,and affects children in particular.symptoms of brain cancer are persistent headache and pain. blood cancer is formed in the tissues responsible for the production of blood cells, blood cancer is accompanied by high temperature, the most common types of blood cancer are leukemia and lymphomas.

others type of cancer

  • pancreas cancer affects the pancreas and disrupts its work, pancreas cancer afflicts diabetics and people who eat heavily red meat.
  • lung cancer affects the respiratory system, causes of lung cancer are harmful chemicals and industrial, tobacco use or other, symptoms of lung cancer exits blood with cough and sputum.
  • colon cancer affects the large intestine.symptoms of colon cancer exits blood out with stool, diarrhea or long-tem constipation, chang in shape and size of stool or other,  colon cancer afflicts people who drink heavily alcohol and eat fatty foods.
  • skin cancer causes changes in the skin ,yellowing of the skin,turning the skin color yo dark color or other.
  • mouth cancer causes whit spots inside the mouth or tongue.mouth cancer is caused by smoking.
types of cancer

types of cancer

cancerous tumors

 types of cancerous tumors are many, multiple and different, depending on the type of tissue, it afflicts children, women,men or others, it is harmful and dangerous, types of cancerous tumors are such as brain cancer, testicular cancer,pancreas cancer, lung cancer,colon cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, , skin cancer, mouth cancer, blood cancer or other.

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