Child care methods Child care

Child care methods

Care for children

Despite the young age and simplicity of their needs between eating, playing and sleeping, mothers and fathers spend long hours of their days caring for their children and caring for them and providing their basic and secondary needs within a safe and healthy family environment. Their children to adulthood where they are able to take care of themselves and take responsibility, however, do not stop care parents at this stage, but turn later to the roles of observers from afar and advise their children when they need advice and guidance.

Child nutrition care

Care for the nutrition of children is a priority for mothers and fathers to pay attention to, from the first day of the child’s birth and throughout the life of the child, through the preference for breast-feeding for the first six months of his life, except in cases where the mother does not produce quantities And start to add foods and soft meals to his diet after the first six months, taking care to provide all types and varieties of food for the child during the first two years of his life so that the child used them all, and to be able to obtain nutritional value Full without any shortage.

Attention to the cleanliness of the child

Completely children, like adults and adults annoyed children if they stay for a long time without a shower, and have mothers warm atmosphere for children to provide when bathing and keep them away from all the cold air sources during and after the shower to avoid contracting the cold and disease, as children need to change folders if Atsakha to avoid injury dissections the skin in the diaper area, taking care to keep their clothes clean and change them if Atsakha, wash hands and feet exposed places of the body after playing abroad.

Way child psychology care

Many psychological theories explain the psychological contract that emerges in adults as a result of the negative experiences that occur with the child during the early years of life. Parents must provide a healthy and healthy family environment for their children, which helps them to grow far from trauma and psychological contractions Which may make them psychologically unstable or violent criminals, in addition to the expression of parents to love their children repeatedly through the words and action, and keep them to their own problems away from the eyes of their children with the need to solve immediately and radical before the aggravation and disintegration.

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