malignant tumors symptoms causes diagnostics and treatment 2019

cancer symptoms

malignant tumors symptoms causes

cancerous tumors are a group of harmful cells that grow abnormally and rapidly, malignant tumors have the ability to spread to other organs of the body through the circulatory system and lymph nodes system, types of cancerous tumors are different depending on the type of tissue, cancerous tumors affect various stages of life,but increase the risk of developing it as person ages, cancerous tumors often spread after removing and causes death,but early detection helps to control cancerous tumors and reduce its spread, malignant tumors call as cancerous tumors.

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malignant tumors

malignant tumors

causes of   malignant tumors

causes of cancerous tumors are many and different such as, some types of viruses and bacteria, physical factors such as ultraviolet, chemical factors such as tar diesel zinc nickel pesticide automobile exhaust, genetic factors, nutritional factors such as canned foods that contain high calories smoked meat alcohol , hormonal factors, taking some medications, other important factors cause the malignant tumors such as obesity, hypothyroidism, infectious disease such as aids hepatitis Schistosomiasis, tobacco use or other.

cancer causes

cancer causes

symptoms of  malignant tumors

symptoms of cancerous tumors are many and multiple such as; headaches, vision problems, memory imbalance, trembling, night sweats, weight loss, loss of appetite, exhaustion, shudder, fatigue, fever,  unusual bleeding, high temperatures,persistent cough, changes in the shape of the surface of the outer skin, high temperature, severe pains or others.

cancer symptoms

cancer symptoms

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types of cancerous tumors

types of cancerous tumors are many and multiple such as; brain cancer, testicular cancer, pancreas cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, mouth cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer or others.

diagnosis of cancerous tumors

cancerous tumors are diagnosed by these devices; ultrasound, CT scan, magnetic resonance and endoscopy.

treatment of cancerous tumors

cancerous tumors are treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

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