Medical Tips Five foods become toxic when re-heated

Five foods become toxic

Medical Tips Five foods become toxic when re-heated

Many of us shower and of course we all put the rest of the food in the fridge. The next day, we copied it for a second time. But do you know that this habit is considered one of the main causes of food poisoning?

Some foods become toxic when we reheat. It should be noted that there are foods that can be heated several times without causing any harm. So we wanted to highlight today the highlights of five foods that should not be heated:

First, Spinach: Spinach should be taken immediately after cooking or the next day but cold. This is because spinach contains nitrates, and when heated, nitrate turns into nitrite, a carcinogen and toxic to the body.

Second, potatoes: Potatoes lose all their nutritional benefits when they are heated again and become toxic.

Third, eggs: If you heat the fried eggs, cooked or boiled, the eggs become very toxic to the body and may adversely affect the digestive system.

Five foods become toxic

Medical Tips Five foods become toxic when re-heated

Fourth: Chicken: Chicken is very dangerous if eaten after a day or several days from the date of cooking because the composition of the protein changes when heating again, which may cause problems in the digestive system.

V., mushrooms: Must eat mushrooms immediately after cooking or ingested without heating the next day. If heated can lead to digestive disorders and heart problems.

Find out about the favorite meals for each member of the human

Hair: A favorite dish of watercress.
brain: favorite meal grape, coconut and fish.
heart: favorite apple meal.
Liver: favorite meal grapes and dates.
intestine: the favorite meal of milk and apple.
kidney: likes water and beans.
immune system: favorite garlic cake.
knees and joints: favorite meal of the burghul and olive oil.
lungs: favorite cauliflower and broccoli.
stomach: favorite potato meal.
nervous system: favorite wheat meal.
blood: favorite red beet meal.
Muscle: the favorite meal of carrot juice.
pancreas: favorite meal thermos

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